Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Runecaster

Here is my version of the Runecaster from the Viking Campaign Sourcebook for Labyrinth Lord rules. I am still working on the actual rules for rune-casting and will post them soon. Below is the general write up for the class. You can find the class here, and in the updated version of the Viking Saga rules in my Downloads sidebar.


Requirements: STR 12+, INT 15+
Prime Requisite: INT
Hit Dice: 1d8

Legendary warriors with the ability to craft powerful “rune-magic”. They fight and save as normal Fighters, but they advance more slowly. They are able to use all magic items that any normal fighter can.

Runes: Runecasters have knowledge of runes that control magical properties. Runes must be learned and are not “cast” or forgotten as normal spells. It requires time to craft a rune and failure is possible. Runecasters have a very limited selection of runes, and will always be looking to learn more. At first level a Runecaster starts the game knowing 1d3 runes (selected randomly or assigned by the GM – they are not freely chosen by the player).  At each new experience level, the character can attempt to learn a new rune (based on the character’s INT score). If the check is successful, he adds the rune to his list of known runes. If  the result fails, the character cannot attempt to learn that rune until he gains another level of experience.

Ominous Reputation: A Runecaster can only have ½ the number of followers or henchmen as allowed by his CHA score.

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