Thursday, January 23, 2014


Today's post is the first describing the runes available to Runecasters. I cannot post exact duplicates of the Viking Campaign sourcebook obviously - so these are all tweaked in one way or another and renamed for my campaign. 

Speak with the Animals – Rune
This rune allows the Runecaster to understand the speech of one animal. The specific animal must be named in the casting of the rune.  Once cast, the rune allows the caster to speak with and understand the animal. The animal will be friendly and assist as it may.  This rune lasts for 24 hours.

Fury of the Berserker – Rune
This rune can be carved into the haft of a weapon (typically spear or axe) and must include the name of the person and the description of the battle to be affected. This rune is most often used in duels and before known battles.

This rune provides a +1 to the character's A.C., and provides a +2 to hit and damage rolls. This effect lasts until the target is dead, retreats from battle, uses a different weapon, or is out of combat for more than 3 rounds.

Honey Mead – Rune
This rune must be carved into the rim of a cup or drinking horn, and must name the target in the casting. This rune will protect the drinker from poison for 24 hours. If poison is placed into the cup, the vessel will shatter when touched by the target.

Lucky Catch – Rune
This rune must be cast on either a pair of leather gloves, or a copper wrist band.  The name of the person and the description of the place of battle must be inscribed at the time of casting for this rune to work (i.e. “this band of copper is for Hrothgar the Loud in his battle against the Finns we are about to slaughter”).

This rune is effective for 24 hours and allows the target an attempt to catch any weapon thrown at him (spears, daggers, axes, etc.). To catch a thrown weapon the character must make a DEX ability check vs. 4d6 (roll equal or under DEX score on 4d6). If successful the character takes no damage and may make an immediate thrown weapon attack at the attacker who threw the weapon. If the DEX ability check fails, the character takes damage as normal.

One with Nature – Rune
This rune must be cast on a bone, feather, or hide of the animal the caster wishes to become. Once cast the caster changes shape to become the specific animal chosen. No equipment, clothing, or weapons change with the caster – so the caster becomes the animal in regards to A.C., movement, attack ability, and damage. The caster retains his own hit points. This rune lasts for 1d8 hours or until the caster wishes to end it.


  1. I'm having trouble understanding: once learned, how does one craft a rune? Do you use the same table for % to learn with % of success?

  2. Hi Tom, the rules for casting the runes will be detailed in the Rune Magic section. If you have the 2nd Edition Campaign Sourcebook you can use those rules.