Friday, January 24, 2014


Today we delve into a little of the back story of the ruined city of Kal-Nath-Tan (known as the Hoarfrost Halls to the Vikings), and a few of the current rumors floating around the Mead Hall.

Built before the great pyramids, long before the biblical flood of antiquity, the city of Kal-Nath-Tan has stood as a witness to all of human history. Built by hands long forgotten, their ruins lay sheltered in a fog-shrouded valley of the frozen north. Who were these builders and their alien gods seen depicted upon their temple walls? Their language an undecipherable riddle etched into pillars supporting great palace ceilings. Great green blocks of stone arrayed in perfect lines define their walls and buildings, stone whose origin is unknown to any now living. What treasures might lie undisturbed for ages within those silent walls? What alien terrors might lurk within?

Already Frodhi has entered this realm and returned with great treasures of gold and silver disks. Alien in make, but pure in metal, these were smelted down and used to fund his second summer expedition. Now he lives as Jarl in Frodhburg, while others explore for their share of forgotten treasure.

Rumors of foul beasts are told over horns of honey mead at the Mead House. Here are told tales of subhuman beast men and their great white apes, creatures strong enough to tear a berserker’s limbs from his body. Then there is the Cult of the Bear, another vile group of sub-humans, said to be shape-changers, who worship an ancient Cave bear. Others tell of the misty Iron Pillar located within the city, and its horrid guardian, able to melt flesh and bone.

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