Friday, January 24, 2014

Hoarfrost Halls Player Map of Upper Ruins

The mega-dungeon of the Hoarfrost Saga is actually the ruins of an advanced ancient civilization (more to be posted on this civilization in the future) hidden in a glacial valley. The dungeons will be individual set pieces (the upper ruins) as well as a massive underground sections which may or may not connect to the upper level ruins. 

To the right, you will find the initial players map of the upper city ruins. There is a paved road leading up the slopes of the mountain and into sheltered valley (the road leads straight to the Gatehouse). The outer walls are all noted on the map, as well as the major landmarks that can be seen from the gate. These are the Iron Pillar, the Prison, the Crystal Dome, and the Palace. (These and other hidden sites will be described in later posts). 

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