Thursday, January 23, 2014


FRODHBURG (pronounced Frothburg) lies on the Northwest shore of Finland. Established two summers ago as a trading camp, it has since grown after the discovery of the ruins of Hoarfrost Halls in the mountains.

Frodhi the Bold established a trade partnership with the local Finnish clans that roam these lands, trading household  goods (pots, knives, cups, etc.) for furs, amber, and ivory. While roaming the lands as a trader, Frodhi stumbled upon the ruins of Hoarfrost and explored the ruins finding strange artifacts and odd gold and silver disks. With winter approaching, he was forced to return home, but he returned the next summer with a small fleet of ships and built his trade town. His crew began exploring the ruins and found more gold and silver as well as strange creatures and nasty death.

News has spread throughout the lands, and as spring approaches crews make ready to visit Frodhburg and seek their glories in the ruins of Hoarfrost Halls.

The town itself consists of 4 longhouses:
  1. Frodhi’s house
  2. Ale House (for all to use, no fighting allowed – weapons must be stacked at the door)
  3. Storage house (for Frodhi’s trade goods)
  4. Communal house (for rent to local treasure seekers)

There are also some tents and huts scattered about the inside of the earthen rampart that has been built to protect the town. These belong to poor adventurers and the thralls of Frodhi.

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